The Sea Creature Scavenger Hunt is now installed in the Delridge Neighborhood in West Seattle. This installation is part of 2017 Seattle Art Interruptions.

You are encouraged to keep your eyes open for magical sea organisms hidden along the Delridge Neighborhood Greenway and Connector Trail. There are two clusters of six hidden sea creatures (silhouettes shown in above image) hidden within 1/4 mile of the following installed murals:

1) under the West Seattle Bridge along the connector trail, and
2) Puget Boulevard Commons park

While this installation is meant to promote neighborhood engagement through a fantastical interactive activity, the unfortunate reality is that real ocean species are disappearing at an alarming rate. Environmental degradation due to human impacts continues to drastically impact the health of marine ecosystems, from our own Puget Sound to the world's oceans. I encourage you to check out more information on Puget Sound Conservation, and to support larger global efforts to protect our ocean's beautiful flora and fauna. (here is a longer list of marine conservation organizations)

This installation will be up until January of 2018. Find the organisms before they're gone! Check out the full color illustrations, and happy hunting!